I started coming to River City Chiro about three years ago. I was suffering terrible headaches, and nothing my regular doctor or the neurologist he sent me to could shine a light on either cause or cure. Dr. Scott Crawford took one look at my x-rays and saw that I was way out of alignment! These chiropractors are upper cervical specialists, which means that they have had extra years of education and training in working with the upper cervical vertebrae–the ones in your neck and at the base of your skull. The adjustments are very gentle (I was skittish about chiropractors and knew I didn’t want a “snap, crackle, pop” guy.) Within a couple of adjustments, I finally felt relief from the headaches! I still go back every few months so that Dr. Crawford can keep my head on straight…ha!

– Katrina

This is my 2nd day there but first adjustment! I am sore but excited for this journey! They are very informative and answer any and all questions! They make time for you to ask questions or place concerns! Thoroughly impressed, it’s unlike any other manipulator out there. They have multiple payment options available so they can help virtually anyone. Thank you Dr. Elliott, I look forward to working with you to help me feel better for the rest of my life. I love how positive you are and am excited to know you don’t make me cringe when you adjust me like previous chiropractors lol.

– Jessie

For the past 6+ years Dr Crawford and his staff have been taking amazing care of my son who received a Traumatic Brain Injury after being rear ended. If it was not for Dr Crawford, Mike would not be where he is today.

– Sherri

I am grateful to have found Dr. Elliott at River City Chiropractic. I have horrible posture and am not easy on my joints. Dr. Elliott is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, thorough, and honest with me on my treatments with amazing results. I am all about non-medicated, holistic health care, and HIGHLY recommend this practice for health treatments, care, advice, and education.

– Eva